Brightcove and cielo24

To set up your Brightcove integration, we just need a sample video link to get you started. To get the video link:

  1. Go to the menu at the top of the screen and select ‘Media’
  2. Click on any video name to navigate to that video (it does not matter which video you choose)
  3. Click ‘Publish’ at the top right of the screen
  4. Make sure the player is labeled Brightcove Default Player, then copy the link in the pop-up below the “Preview in browser” label (shown in the image below)
    Brightcove cielo24 Integration
    Brightcove Video Link Pop-Up Window

Once you’ve gotten the link, email it to cielo24 support. Within 2 business days, we will process your account and send you an email with the following:

  • Confirmation that your Brightcove integration is complete
  • cielo24 username and password (can be used to access your cielo24 Portfolio)

Usage Example

cielo24’s Brightcove integration is a simple, tag-based integration making captioning easier than ever! Just tag your videos using a preconfigured tag that has been mapped to one of our service options. For example:

  • caption48 (English, 48 hour TaT, Professional 99% accuracy)
  • caption24 (English, 24 hour TaT, Professional 99% accuracy)

Please talk to your cielo24 representative to get your Integration configured today!