Online video is exploding. The advancements of cielo24’s video solutions extend far beyond captioning services. Our partners harness the power of video on the Internet and use it to transform their businesses – through video integration, referral or reseller agreements, trade of services, new product development, and more.

Benefits of a cielo24 Partnership include:

  • Integrated workflow
  • A one stop shop for captioning and metadata needs
  • Accessibility compliance
  • Deep video search and content discovery
  • Ability to build a scalable, revenue generating video business
  • Access to our full suite of caption services via a single API integration
  • Highest level of enterprise support

Our enterprise suite of video solutions can be customized to a variety of partnership needs. We enable all partners to grow through accurate, fast captions and metadata at low cost and high scale.

To become a partner, send an email to [email protected] or submit the form on this page.

Partner with cielo24

4 Types of Partnerships

Online Video Platforms (OVP)

Our video solutions are a one-stop shop for our OVP partners and their clients. Having our service integrated into your OVP offers a simple way for your clients to make their videos accessible and compliant.  

cielo24 metadata in your player allows for all video transcript to be indexed and searched, boosting your SEO. Our metadata also allows your videos to be sorted, searched, and ranked by topics and keywords.

AI Machine Training

Our large, skilled, on-demand human workforce helps to train AI for better image and text recognition. cielo24’s team is able to quickly churn through hundreds of hours of data, which can then be fed back into the AI to improve recognition functionality. Our staff also corrects AI output to further improve accuracy and recognition functionality.

Reseller/Referral Agreements

Partners are able to resell our video solutions as a white-label product, or you can refer your clients to us and receive a commission.

We offer a simple questionnaire to better understand your clients’ captioning needs. They then move through our streamlined process for requesting captions and service level, finally ending with the captions returned directly into their videos.

University Consortium Partnerships

cielo24 establishes special agreements with a central body for all participating institutions. Our university partners use our video solution services to stay ADA compliant across all associated learning channels, research institutions, and other outsourced educational video needs.

Jeroen-Wijering-JW Player

Jeroen-Wijering, Creator & Co-Founder – JW Player

Cielo24’s captioning and media data services deliver high-quality results and stability of service, which translate to real value for JW Player customers, particularly in technical or content-specific domains such as real estate or web development.

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