99% Accurate
WCAG and ADA Compliant

Fast Turnaround
As fast as 2 hours, but less than 24 hours on average

Automated end-to-end integrations

Low Pricing
Industry lowest per minute pricing

cielo24 offers advanced AI-powered end-to-end accurate caption and transcription solutions. Human quality at machine speed.

cielo24 provides clients with high-quality, affordable, WCAG/ADA-compliant captions and transcripts. We combine the speed of machines with high human quality to provide three service levels. Choose from mechanical, standard, and professional captions and transcripts.

One-Stop-Shop solutions for everyone!

  • Mechanical – AI-based captioning and transcription designed to provide indexing, keyword extraction, and enhanced search visibility.
  • Standard Compliance – Our 99% accurate Standard Compliance product returns captions and transcripts for the purpose of disability accommodations, increased accessibility, and enhanced learning outcomes for students. In that respect, it is designed for educators.
  • Professional/Broadcast – Our 99% Professional Service (Broadcast) product adds another human QC review to the workflow. It is utilized by customers who are brand sensitive, distribute broadcast-quality content, or require custom workflows.

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