Leveraged Advanced AI Technology

Humans In The Loop For Added Security

Secure, Certified, And Audited Technology

Easy API And Automated Integrations

Build a powerful database from your audio and media content including identification (people, places, and things), content moderation, sentiment analysis, accessibility, and more. 

cielo24’s cutting-edge video solution technology enables us to create detailed information about your videos’ content, amplifying your video discovery, engagement, reach, and compliance.

Our AI-powered technology automatically summarizes your audio and video data at scale. Our AI media data technology is trained on millions of real-world examples.  Enjoy seamless integration through your video hosting provider or our flexible API.



  • Your media is a powerhouse of information that can be used and reused to grow your business.
  • The more data your capture, the more organized your media library becomes.
  • Ensure brand safety and protect your clients from unwanted media sentiment.


Open & Closed Captions
Keywords and Topics of interest
Accessibility and compliance
Sentiment data
Machine and Human Translation


Visual descriptions
Sensitive language
Content moderation
People, places, and things
Machine and Human Transcription

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cielo24 works with clients worldwide in the online education, enterprise, government, news and media, and entertainment industries to provide quality video data solutions that help media creators maximize video investment through innovative technology. For more information on cielo24’s solutions check out our pricing page.

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