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Core Features


  • Price $ 
  • Self-sign Up 
  • Standard Transcripts 
  • Expert Human Transcriptionists 
  • Media Intelligence 
  • High Quality + Fast Turnaround 
  • Support 


The cielo24 Difference

All-in-one solution with quality guaranteed and cielo24 service level that’s second to none.

Fast Turnaround Times

Select your optimal turnaround time, with options as quick as 3 hours! Not in a rush? Save cost by selecting “Best effort” turnaround times for estimated delivery in 5+ days.

Multiple Languages

There are currently 5 languages available for Self Serve transcriptions, and 16 languages available through our Enterprise solution, with more being added!

Accuracy and Review

Choose between low cost machine transcripts or high accuracy captions. You can also increase accuracy with the option to include glossaries or technical terms in the notes section.

Join the ranks of companies and institutions everywhere that trust cielo24.

Enterprise Advanced Features

What benefits do you get with Enterprise advanced features?

Customizable Transcription Workflows and Formatting

Customized Workflows

Do you have special transcription guidelines? Need Special Tags or Music Lyric transcription? We can help build a custom workflow to add any additional text treatment.

cielo24 Sentence Editor

Want to review your files or give it a final touch to reach that 100% perfection? Use our sentence editor to review brand names or overall transcript quality.

Various Caption Formats

Caption your videos in all the formats you need for one low bundled price. Some formats include, but are not limited to: SCC, WebVTT, DFXP, SRT, JSON, TXT

Customized Caption and Transcript Formatting

Our formatting options are customizable per account and per job. Solutions include; allowing for different number of lines per caption, starting new lines based on specific conditions, setting exact character count per caption or caption line, and more! Need special time stamping in your transcript? No problem! Anything else? Ask us and we will find a formatting solution for your use case.

Account Management and Billing Services

Customized Billing

Need centralized billing, billing on a department level, or have billing instructions to include for invoicing? We can accommodate you and help facilitate cost attribution.

Dedicated Account Management

Our strategic account team will take care of your every need. With a central point of contact and a full understanding of your use case we have you covered!

Integrations Included

Platform Integration

We integrate with most popular video platforms, including but not limited to YouTube, Kaltura, Panopto, JW Player, and many more. For a full list of integrations, click here.

API Integration

All features and options are available on a per job basis via the API. You can integrate directly to your workflows allowing your users to order captions from straight within your platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Self Serve and Enterprise?

Our Self Serve web app is geared towards simplicity and convenience. You can get started on transcriptions and captions immediately, with a simple user interface where you can upload your media, select the treatment you desire, and receive your transcripts and captions.

Enterprise plans are built around your specific needs with the help of an account executive to help satisfy more complex and/or larger amounts of media that need captioning or transcription. Through Enterprise you also have access to our full suite of video and audio data solutions.

How do I know which option is right for me?

The major considerations are volume, formatting requirements, billing requirements, and the need for integrations or special solutions. Self Serve is a simpler, more immediate solution that satisfies basic caption and transcription needs. Enterprise can accommodate greater complexity and requirements.

If you’re looking to transcribe or caption 10 hours/month or less of video or audio content, then our Self Serve web app is likely the solution you need.

Is there a required term length?

We’re flexible! With Self Serve you pay as you use, simply enter your credit card information and order captions within minutes!

For Enterprise accounts, typically the term is annual to ensure we are setup to meet your ongoing needs.

Is the price the same for audio and video files?

Yes, we price by media minute, therefore the price is the same no matter if it has video or not.

(Tip: If you have both file types, we do recommend video for human transcripts in order to yield higher word accuracy in your transcripts and captions.)

What forms of payment are accepted?

Our products accept all major credit cards: Visa • MasterCard • Discover • American Express • JCB

For custom billing requirements, talk to us! We accept other forms of payment with our Enterprise product.”

How do I access my files?

For any of our products, just login to your account and all media files are stored within our VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), therefore your media is always available for your access 24/7.

Is it possible to switch between account levels?

Yes, you can switch between levels as needed, or even use both levels simultaneously.

If interested in our Enterprise plan, contact us at 1-855-cielo24.