Cutting-edge Search

Video topics, query appearances, and terms.

Fully Customizable

Customize theme, branding, language options, and more.

Keyword Insights and SEO

Keyword heatmap and transcript embedded.

Karaoke-style Media

Live transcript, auto-scrolling, and video playback

Innovating the Video Experience

With cielo24’s Interactive Video Player, viewers can immerse themselves into the viewing experience more deeply than ever before through a variety of built-in functionality.  Both viewers and video developers reap the rewards.

Interactive Video Player Features

  • Cutting-Edge Search
  • Keyword Heatmap
  • Toggleable Transcript
  • Word Highlighting
  • Printing, Downloading & Sharing
  • 27+ Foreign Languages
  • Accessible & Inclusive Design
  • Custom Theme and Branding
  • Customizable Video Placement
  • Online Video Platform Integration & Support
  • Universal Site or Page-Only Flexible Configuration

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Interactive Video player Benefits

Keyword Insights and SEO

Through a keyword heatmap, the video wrapper showcases frequently discussed topics; the transcript is also embedded into the website, allowing search engines to crawl, index, and rank the content.

Karaoke-style Captions and Transcripts

It highlights each word as it’s being said, creating a “karaoke” type of view; while following along within the transcript in real-time and auto-scrolling to maintain alignment with video playback.

Cutting-edge Search

Viewers can search within the wrapper and interact with video topics, showing query appearances within the transcript, providing search-related video navigation, and offering search term recommendations.

Fully Customizable

Users can customize their video wrapper in countless ways, including theme, branding, page and site placement, sharing options, language options, captions and transcription display, and more.