A $2-$3 investment can enhance your ROI 20%-50%.

Online video is skyrocketing in viewership. comScore Video Metrix® service released its annual report showing that 187.8 million Americans watched 46.6 billion online content videos in March 2014, while the number of video ad views totaled 28.7 billion. With all the clutter, how can you increase your reach and discover your ROI through advertising? The answer is to ensure your video is as searchable as text by adding rich media data to optimize, tag, and index your video and media assets.

cielo24 transforms unstructured media into searchable structured media data to make your media libraries and assets easily discoverable. Adding searchable captions ™, media data and intelligence will support your growth in massive video libraries at high quality, low cost, and available in hours and not days. Find additional information about all of our transcription solutions here.

Benefits of searchable captions:

  • Media Intelligence maximizes discovery and monetization.
  • Content search within video or across media libraries.
  • Meet required government mandates for deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Content-based recommendations and insights to achieve relevant engagement.
  • Assist those with reading and literacy challenges.

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