Video Caption and Transcription Pilot Program

The 2021 video caption and transcription pilot program is designed to assist organizations in testing and streamlining accessible video and audio technology.

It’s also a no-hassle, low-cost way to test captions,  transcripts media intelligence technology without a long-term commitment.

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Quick Set-Up to Live Process

Short-Term Pilot Commitment

20% Off Annual Purchases


Provide organizations with an easy and cost-effective assessment period to try an accessibility-compliant video caption and transcription program.

The program provides the time businesses need to assess the technology without hassles and long-term commitments.  The pilot ends June 30, 2021.


  • Short-term ‘try before you buy’ assessment (3-month)
  • Receive fair media pricing discounts
  • Low $2500.00 minimum
  • Roll your trial into an annual subscription and receive 20% off your subscription pricing
  • Access to all video platform integrations and enterprise account features


Our platform extracts high-quality video data from your content in the form of transcripts, captions, audio descriptions, and keyword metadata and does so affordably and accurately.

  • Transcripts can enhance organic search and metadata can power content or ad recommendation engines
  • Captions help address legal compliance requirements and increase engagement with your content
  • All the data is searchable- meaning you can easily determine what content is still relevant and what’s passed its prime


  • Champion equal opportunity within your organization and for your customers
  • Increase audience reach by 177%
  • Captions increase view-time by 40%
  • Drive existing content to new audiences with translations
  • Turn media content into an SEO and lead-generation
  • Solve accessibility requirements (Section 508, WCAG 2.0, ADA, etc.)

To get started, fill out the form on this page and we will get your account set up.


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