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Case Study: Vidpow 

YouTube can be difficult to understand, so let Vidpow audit your YouTube channel to see where you can improve… put your channel on the right track.

– Gary L.

Video marketing agency improves quality, speed and ease of video captioning on millions of client video views!

By switching to cielo24, Vidpow video captioning quality, speed and ease was improved!

Ever seen that fine print that says “Actual results may vary”? When it comes to video captioning, Vidpow found “Actual results may vary”, the hard way.

The good news. The video marketing agency had seen a spike in demand for their video channel optimization services.

The bad news? The transcription service they were using for video captioning was holding them back with inaccurate captions and subtitles.

The Challenge

“Although we were paying for 99%+ accuracy with our old transcription service, it was more like 76%,” said Joshua Wethington, Vice President of Video Strategy, Vidpow. “During a 3 ½ minute video, I was spending about 25 minutes cleaning up the file before publishing to YouTube.”

At the same time Vidpow was working hard to keep up with customer demand, which had increased from about 20 to 30 videos a month to more than 80.

Adds Wethington: “I was at my wit’s end (with poor captioning), and repeated requests for help went unanswered.”

That was when he recalled a encounter with cielo24 at a convention and decided to try their captioning services using the free 20-minute trial.

The results impressed him.

The Solution

Within 24 hours of his free trial, Wethington received his transcription back and was pleasantly surprised to get a prompt response from a cielo24 customer service representative.

This team representative made sure he had everything he needed, including getting Vidpow service set-up, provided coaching, and secured a volume discount that led to a savings of 50% for each transcription.

“The few times I had a growing pain issue, I get a response the same day that fixes it. If it is complicated, we get a call with the tech guys and they walk us through it. That’s rare in this day and age where support is usually automated. “ said Wethington.

As a bonus, cielo24 was able to save Vidpow video captioning more than 10 hours of labor a month with their streamlined user interface that handles both bulk uploads and auto-publishing of files.

Vidpow was so pleased with the quality, speed and ease of cielo24’s captioning service that it is now transcribing their TubeTalk video marketing podcast series.

Moving forward, Wethington notes that cielo24’s searchable text feature positions them for new services, such as a video marketing certification course that will launch early 2016 with over 2,000 partners.

When asked what the most important impact of using cielo24 for Vidpow video captioning; customer service was the major advantage.

What I really like about cielo24 is that the customer support is second to none. It’s one of the main reasons why we moved all of our business to cielo24.

Interested in finding out more about Vidpow video captioning services? Contact Vidpow, and let them know what you need.

Vidpow case study with cielo24

The Issue: Vidpow’s production team was stuck fixing transcripts riddled with errors from its former service provider. This became unsustainable when their transcription needs snowballed.

The Solution: After a successful test drive, Vidpow decided to move all of their transcription needs to cielo24.

The Results: By switching to cielo24, Vidpow got cleaner transcriptions, saved more than 10 hours a month in labor, and cut their costs by 50%, – all backed by great customer service.

“I was at my wit’s end, and repeated requests for help went unanswered.”

– Joshua Wethington, Vice President of Video Strategy, Vidpow

Although we were paying for 99%+ accuracy with our old transcription service, it was more like 76%. During a 3 ½ minute video, I was spending about 25 minutes cleaning up the file before publishing to YouTube.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 5.02.45 PM

Download the Vidpow case study now!

cielo24 delivers searchable captions™, media data and media intelligence for large media platform partners in the online education, enterprise, news and entertainment markets. Our clients turn to us to meet the growing demands on their multimedia including, compliance laws, discoverability, reach and user engagement.

cielo24’s fresh approach to creating high quality, searchable data from unstructured media data exceeds users expectations of receiving accurate, timely and consistent transcriptions.

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