YouTube and cielo24

Automated YouTube Channel Integration

  1. Set permissions:
    1. Log into cielo24 portfolio with credentials
    2. Click “Info”
    3. Click “Credentials”
    4. Click “Authorize”
    5. Select the YouTube account you want to be synced
    6. Click “Accept”
  2. All videos uploaded to the YouTube channel will automatically be captioned and returned.
  3. Optional- download captions and transcripts:
    • Log into cielo24 portfolio with username credentials
    • Select the desired video and click “Download Transcripts” or “Download Captions”

Note: Captions will be returned in 48 hrs by default.  If earlier TAT is required (3 hr, 24 hr, or 7day) please email [email protected] when the video is uploaded to YouTube with the account and video name.

Request Captions Using a YouTube Link

If you submitted your videos using a YouTube link, you will need to upload your captions file to your YouTube account following these instructions:

  1. Log into cielo24 portfolio with username credentials.
  2. Select the desired video captions and click  “Download Captions”.
  3. Sign into “Video Manager” in YouTube.
  4. Click the thumbnail of the video you want to upload captions.
  5. Click Subtitles on the left navigation.
  6. If your video did not already have auto-captions, click the ADD button to the right of “English”.
  7. If you do have auto-captions present, click Add Language and choose the language (i.e. – English (United States).
  8. Then click the ADD button to the right of the language just added.
  9. Click Upload File.
  10. Choose “with timing” and click Continue
  11. Select your captions file and click Open.
  12. Click Publish.
  13. Your captions are instantly uploaded to the video.

Please, email [email protected] if you have any questions using YouTube for cielo24 captions and transcripts.

Need help with your integration? Here are more YouTube video tutorials or contact us: [email protected].