JW Player Integration Helps Users Achieve Accessibility and Video Discovery with Ease

Santa Barbara, CA – May 13, 2019 | cielo24, the first online provider of video intelligence, captions, and transcripts, has expanded their rich online video integration solutions to include JW Player’s premier video player software. JW Player is the world’s largest independent online video platform, that makes embedding video content into web pages easy and reliable. With the cielo24 – JW Player automated media integration, users can now caption their video content from within the JW Player platform, unlocking a plethora of video data features to streamline video management.

“cielo24’s captioning and media data services deliver stable high-quality results, which translate to real value for JW Player customers,” said Jeroen Wijering, Co-Founder and CPO at JW Player. “Particularly in technical or content-specific domains such as real estate or web development.”

“We are thrilled to be adding to our family of online video platform integrations,” said Nick Bolton, cielo24 President. “This is another example of technology providers working together to make the world of video easier to navigate. And we are committed to making media captions, transcripts and insights easy for our customers. Through this integration, content creators will experience more streamlined video captioning and transcription workflows, improved accessibility and a significant boost to video discovery and engagement.”

Innovative Media Intelligence
The benefits of this integration extend beyond adding captions to video content through the JW Player platform. Via the addition of rich media data available through the cielo24 – JW Player integration, users will have access to benefits such as: improved SEO and search rankings, increased video ROI, keywords and video insights. This will help users propel their video strategy and development, as well as provide other critical inputs, such as speaker identification, keywords or topics that can be set up through a simple tagging mechanism.

Streamlining Video Management
JW Player users will have access to the full suite of features available through cielo24’s Enterprise-level plans. This includes seamless caption upload and download, flexible turnaround between 3-hours to 7-days, 16 foreign languages, sub-account structures with unique parameters, workflows and flexible billing requirements. Accuracy selections also range from machine quality to 99% human verified. Additionally, JW Player users will have access to a dashboard, allowing them to authorize jobs, review and edit jobs-in-process, and track usage. Users are offered the advantage and convenience of a completely automated captioning experience.

Available Immediately
The new integration is now available on the cielo24 website: http://go.cielo24.com/jwplayer-integrations. Existing and new customers can get set up quickly with the help of a cielo24 representative.

About cielo24, Inc.
Founded in 2012, cielo24 provides video data solutions including English and foreign language metadata and captions for content creators, online education, entertainment and business clients and partners. Their innovative hybrid platform marries the best of machines and humans, delivering high accuracy at volume for video discovery, engagement, reach and compliance. cielo24 video metadata and captions offer the industry’s most competitive bundled prices and turnaround options, accurate captioning, transcription, media intelligence and translation.

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