cielo24 Reaches 3.9 Billion People Worldwide Through Foreign Language Transcription and Translation Solutions

Santa Barbara, CA – August 5, 2019 | Universities, corporations, government agencies and even small businesses now face the challenge of making content accessible to audiences across numerous cultures and languages. Transcribing and translating foreign language media content encourages companies to cross international boundaries. cielo24 now offers expanded foreign language transcription, captions and translations, including multiple language support, 27 available foreign translations and the cielo24 video wrapper.

“Many of our customers are working to both localize and globalize their media content to reach a broader, international audience. To do so they need a flexible captioning, transcription and translation solution,” said Nick Bolton, cielo24 President. “We have made it a company mission in 2019 to help our customers extend the reach of their content beyond the English language.”

Simplified Ordering Process 
cielo24 has made two significant product enhancements to their platform to help reduce friction in the foreign language ordering process: they now offer translation into other languages post-processing of the original job request, as well as taking external, non-cielo24 transcripts and offering translations and transcriptions into new languages. Content creators can order any foreign language transcription desired, including support for multiple languages through a single order.

Communicating with More than Half of the World’s Population 
Enterprise Customers can transcribe and translate new or existing jobs into 11 additional foreign languages, totaling 27 available languages that represent 3.9 billion people across the globe. cielo24 also regularly adds more languages on demand. Self Serve customers can order foreign language transcription for Spanish, French, and German language content.

Video Wrapper 3.0 Foreign Language Toggle and SEO
The recently launched Video Wrapper 3.0 allows customers to include as many foreign language subtitles and transcriptions as desired within one video display. Video viewers can toggle between languages easily through the video wrapper display settings. Equally simple, viewers can identify which language they prefer to display video captions for each video the watch or audio recording they listen to. And by automatically embedding transcripts into a site’s html (using the original language of each transcript), the video wrapper helps boost foreign language SEO.

One Spot for Affordable, Fast, High Quality Media Captions and Transcripts
cielo24 customers, new and existing, can begin using all foreign language features immediately. Visit to learn more.

About cielo24, Inc.
Founded in 2012, cielo24 provides video data solutions including English and foreign language metadata and captions for content creators, online education, entertainment and business clients and partners. Their innovative hybrid platform marries the best of machines and humans, delivering high accuracy at volume for video discovery, engagement, reach and compliance. cielo24 video metadata and captions offer the industry’s most competitive bundled prices and turnaround options, accurate captioning, transcription, media intelligence and translation.

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