cielo24 Launching Audio Description Solution

Santa Barbara, CA – January 13, 2020 | cielo24, the industry leader in video captioning and audio transcription innovation, has announced a beta launch of their audio description solution.

“At cielo24 we are committed to fully accessible captioning and transcription solutions for our customers, and audio description is the next frontier of media accessibility,” said Nick Bolton, President of cielo24. “We see this as the forefront of technology enabling not only comprehensive accessibility but also search and discovery of what’s in the video. We are very excited to be working with our clients on our beta audio description solution.”

Seeking Organizations Willing to Participate at Ground Level

Other organizations can still participate in cielo24’s audio description beta program. Doing so will give them access to cielo24’s leading-edge platform and provide valuable feedback and insights as cielo24 continues to enhance their accessibility offerings as part of their early-adopter package. If interested in participating, please email cielo24 at [email protected]

Accessibility Driven 

Accessibility requirements continue to expand around the world. As a leading media accessibility resource for universities and enterprise organizations everywhere, it was clear that cielo24 could make a greater impact through the addition of an audio description solution. Audio description helps people with low-vision, vision-impairment, and blindness to better follow the plot, dialogue, and other important aspects of media through descriptive analysis. With accessibility built into the fabric of the cielo24’s organization; offering premium quality, accessible-level audio description services is a perfect companion.

To learn more about cielo24’s digital accessibility efforts, check out their recent webinar “Digital Accessibility Best Practices”:

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