cielo24 Teams Up with YouTube for the Most Affordable, Most Accurate Automatic YouTube Video Captioning Services Currently Offered

Santa Barbara, CA – June 15, 2020 | cielo24, the first online provider of video intelligence, captions, and transcripts, has teamed up with YouTube to provide the best quality automatic video captions for the lowest price on the market. YouTube is the world’s largest online video network, with over 2 billion monthly logged-in users. The cielo24 video captioning integration will allow YouTube creators to reach more viewers and open up their content to people with disabilities at the click of a button.

“This new YouTube integration will open up video captions to a whole new group of content creators,” said Shanna Johnson, cielo24 CEO. “You no longer need to have an enormous video library or compliance requirements to justify the cost! Video captions will help these creators to optimize the value of their videos and reach a much larger audience at extremely affordable rates. We are thrilled to be able to offer such a valuable deal to YouTube content creators.”

Captions Worth the Cost

cielo24 has been one of the leading pioneers in making video captions and audio transcriptions available to the public. But as video continues to boom across the internet, the need for easy-to-use high quality captions rises, as well. By offering this integration to YouTube creators for $1 per video minute, the barriers to entry are as low as they’ve ever been.

Automatically Populating Video Captions

YouTube creators can connect their accounts to cielo24’s cirrus platform. Once they’ve taken this step, their YouTube library will automatically be populated into their cirrus dashboard. Creators can then select the video they want to caption, make their easy one-time purchase, and the video captions will automatically be applied to their video on the YouTube platform!

Foreign Languages Captions Available

YouTube has a massive global presence, meaning people of all languages need access to video captions beyond just English. cielo24’s integration currently offers five foreign language captions, including English, Spanish, Italian, French and Russian. They expect to extend to 25+ languages in the near future, including translation and subtitling, to enable content creators to extend their reach globally.

Available Immediately

The new YouTube integration is now available on the cielo24 website: Existing and new YouTube creators can get started captioning their YouTube video library immediately.

About cielo24, Inc.

Founded in 2012, cielo24 provides video data solutions including English and foreign language media intelligence, captions, and transcripts for content creators, online education, entertainment and business clients and partners. Their innovative hybrid platform marries the best of machines and humans, delivering high accuracy at volume for video discovery, engagement, reach and compliance. cielo24 video metadata and captions offer the industry’s most competitive bundled prices and turnaround options, accurate captioning, transcription, media intelligence and translation.

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