Video Captioning and Transcription in Canadian Broadcasting

Prioritizing Video Accessibility: Canada’s Online Streaming Act

Canada's Online Streaming Act passage, Bill C-11, has brought accessibility to discussions surrounding the future of broadcasting. One of Bill C-11's key pillars is its emphasis on prioritizing accessibility and promoting inclusivity in the realm of online streaming. The legislation mandates that streaming platforms operating within Canada provide robust accessibility features, including closed captioning and audio description services.
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Online Education Impact on Higher Education

The Transformative Impact of Online Education on Higher Education

The Impact of Online Education on Higher Education is nothing short of a transformative force, challenging the traditional in-person model and revolutionizing the learning experience. As we witness the success of online institutions like Coursera, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), Western Governors University (WGU), and others, it becomes evident that this evolution is reshaping the landscape of higher education.
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