Edtech Video Captioning

There are many benefits to subtitling videos beyond meeting FCC requirements.

  • Meet FCC closed caption mandates.
  • Ensure everyone can view your video.
  • Improve Video SEO.
  • Increase retention and comprehension.

Edtech Video Captioning

Getting EdTech video captions for education is easier then ever.

The use of video has become a core part of the modern day educational ecosystem.  As educators you invest considerable budget towards making high quality accessible media, especially for the learning environment.

While the evidence spreads that captions extend performance and learning opportunity, and the law demands educators caption, enacting a scalable school or district-wide caption program can seem costly and difficult.

The good news is that there are multiple benefits to utilizing closed captions in the learning environment and one of them is improved learning outcomes.

randomized controlled trial examined the impacts of captions on the reading comprehension skills of secondary school students in Kaneohe, Hawaii.  Students using captioned media scored significantly higher than students in the comparison condition.   That is impressive.

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