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More Viewers. Longer Watch Times. Greater ROI.

This Is The Power Of Captions.

Automatic Captioning Integrations for $1 per Video Minute

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More Viewers. Longer Watch Times. Greater ROI. This Is The Power Of Video Captions.

Reach More Audiences

Increase Video Watch Times

Keyword Rich Meta Descriptions

Better Search Rankings

If you want to make money on YouTube, you should consider video captions and transcripts.

Our accurate, high-quality video captions and transcripts, available for $1 per video minute, will help your videos stand out amongst the competition and help you monetize your YouTube profile. Concerts, tutorials, business meetings, political updates… whatever you’re trying to share through YouTube, adding high quality closed captions will make your YouTube videos accessible to all, help you gain new subscribers and increase overall video views.

$1 per video minute English language searchable captions and real video accuracy.

This pricing is 30% below market rate for other high accuracy YouTube video captions and come with a searchable video captions library. Furthermore, there are no lengthy onboarding processes, contracts or complicated billing requirements. 12-24 hours turnaround times in most cases, with guaranteed 24 hours turnaround for $1.50 per video minute.

cielo24’s YouTube integration automatically loads accessible, accurate captions to your videos.

Link your YouTube account directly to your cielo24 Cirrus profile and your video captions will be automatically loaded into your YouTube videos. Keeping it simple and making your life easier!

Ready to monetize your YouTube channel through high quality video captions? Create an account today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I add captions or subtitles to my video content?

Adding captions and transcripts to your video content provides multiple benefits to a content creator: adding text ensures your content is searchable and discoverable; captions and subtitles extend your reach to new viewers, increasing viewer duration and improving engagement.

Can anyone use this integration?

Anyone with a account can use this YouTube integration. Sign up for a free account and pay only for the captions you order, no contracts, no commitments.

Does my video have to meet any criteria to qualify?

Any YouTube content is eligible; however, the quality and accuracy of the captions, transcripts and translations will depend on the quality and fidelity of the audio.  The better your quality, the better your captions will be!

Do I have to use captions on all my videos to qualify? Is there a minimum number of videos I have to upload?

There is no minimum for caption orders. We offer convenient options to automatically caption your entire feed, or just select videos.

Is the turnaround time the same for any length video?

There is no limit on the length of video you can submit for our standard turnaround time (2-4 days).  If you are upgrading for faster 12hr – 24hr turnaround we request you limit your video duration to 2 hours or less, or turnaround times may be extended.

What foreign languages can my video be translated to?

Here is a list of languages we support for translation from English. Note that if your source file is in a language other than English you will have to translate it to English and then your target language(s).

How long will my videos be saved in my library?

Your videos will remain in your YouTube feed – we don’t store them on our platform so there’s no need to manage them in two locations. If you enable it, you can automatically caption your new videos when they are added or manage your preferences by channel. Your caption files are returned to YouTube where you can publish them and will remain accessible in your cielo24 account for a period of 24 months after your last paid transaction.

Will my library exist even if I don’t order captions for a long time?

cielo24 only ingests your content to order captions – we don’t store your media after 14 days – so you don’t need to worry about managing your content in two places. Caption files will be available for download on your account for up to 24 months after your last paid transaction.

Is my video library private or encrypted?

Every aspect of the cielo24 process is encrypted, in transit and at rest. Your order information is private and accessible only to you or others in your organization that you designate.

cielo24 works with clients worldwide in the online education, enterprise, government, news and media, and entertainment industries to provide quality video data solutions that help media creators maximize video investment through innovative technology.