How captions improve student engagement ebook

How Captions Improve Student Engagement- An Accessibility eBook

The question is frequently asked; how do captions improve student engagement?

Our partner MediaCore, recently released a comprehensive eBook that evaluates how video closed captions improve student engagement.   It was thought for a long time that closed captions simply provided accessibility for those students in need.   That is not the case.

There is compelling evidence that captions improve student engagement for all students, not only those students that require accessible video content.  MediaCore has uncovered some of the ways in which closed captioning profoundly impacted the learning environment.

What we now know is that adding closed captioning to your educational videos improves student engagement, retention and an overall interactive learning experience. Additionally by adding closed captions there are considerable advancements in literacy and language comprehension skills by making vocabulary recognition automatic.

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Equally important to the other points highlighted; closed captions also allow students to consume content on-demand, wherever they are, whenever they want, without concern for audio quality or setting. This means a very flexible and adaptable learning environment.   This is an important win for students.

So to answer the question, how do closed captions improve student engagement?  In many ways. Download the Accessibility Anatomy: How Captions Improve Student Engagement and catch up on the latest closed caption research.  Or feel free to contact MediaCore directly. You can always try MediaCore captions Free.


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Download the eBook Now

The MediaCore eBook outlines:

  • An introduction to the Captioning landscape: What it is, and why it’s important for your institution.
  • An overview of the 3 primary ways you can create your own closed caption files.
  • Apps to help you create captions.


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