cielo24 Enhances Its Cloud Storage Support and Bulk Download Features

Santa Barbara, CA – March 26, 2019 | cielo24, the first online provider of video captions and transcripts, has enhanced its link support to all major online, cloud-based storage platforms, as well as adding bulk download functionality to their Self Serve web app (previously only available for Enterprise accounts). These enhancements add to their already robust suite of advanced video caption and audio transcription solutions.

“We are committed to making captions and transcripts easy for our customers,” said Nick Bolton, cielo24 President. “That was true when we offered only enterprise level solutions, giving clients a one-stop-shop for captions, transcription, indices, intelligence, insights and more. And it’s true now, as we continue to build out a robust and full-service, yet highly affordable and easy to use Self Serve web app. We take care of the hard stuff – the reach, engagement, and compliance… and let you focus on the content.”

Cloud Link Support
cielo24 now offers enhanced link support to all major online, cloud-based storage platforms, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Facebook. With most video captioning and audio transcription web applications, users must upload the file from their personal hard drive. cielo24 Enterprise and Self Serve users can now link to content that lives in their personal cloud-based storage accounts. Gone are the days of manual virtual labor.

Bulk Download
cielo24’s bulk download feature, now available to Self Serve accounts, allows cielo24 Self Serve users to download as many files at one time as they would like through the new bulk download functionality. Content creators can now record as many video or audio files as needed and then process them in bulk at one convenient time – both through upload and download capabilities..

Additional Features
cielo24 customers also have access to foreign language transcriptions, foreign language translations (Enterprise only), speaker identification, SEO and keyword metadata, quality customer service, and support, video storage, automatic file production (like a .srt file), video platform integrations (Enterprise only), all available through their API. Customers also benefit from direct access to the experts behind the world’s first high-end video captioning and audio transcription online platform.

Available Immediately Through Self Serve Web App and Enterprise Packages
For very affordable rates, content creators have access to these features in cielo24’s Self Serve web app for audio and video transcripts and captions. Users simply need to create a free account and upload their video or audio files to begin.

As needed, Self Serve users have the option to scale up to an Enterprise level plan at any time, opening up the full-service option with improved video search, customizable transcription workflows and formatting, account management, and billing services, and included integrations.

The product is available for immediate use at

About cielo24, Inc.
Founded in 2012, cielo24 provides video data solutions including English and foreign language metadata and captions for content creators, online education, entertainment, and business clients and partners. Their innovative hybrid platform marries the best of machines and humans, delivering high accuracy at volume for video discovery, engagement, reach and compliance. cielo24 video metadata and captions offer the industry’s most competitive bundled prices and turnaround options, accurate captioning, transcription, media intelligence, and translation.

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