Customer Retention Rates Rise For Subscription Box Companies Due to Video Captions

Customer Retention Rates Rise For Subscription Box Companies Due to Video Captions

Customer retention rates have risen steadily for subscription box companies due to video captions and transcripts.  Subscription boxes are a trend that shows no sign of slowing down, revolutionizing the consumption of consumer products. You can find a subscription box for almost anything these days – from food delivery to diapers to clothing to toys to books to makeup to emotional intelligence training for children to couple’s date nights… in a box!

As with any product marketing or customer service strategy, video content holds a valuable place in the mix and help to educate and inform customers about the products they enjoy. HubSpot recently reported that by 2019 87% of companies were using video as a marketing tool. Given that in 2017 that number was only 63% – the growth of video is evident. Add to that the 87% of consumers who say they’d like to see more video from companies and the 68% who prefer to learn about a new product or service through a short video, and you’ve got a must-do marketing strategy on your hands.

Many companies – including subscription box companies – are turning to caption and transcription services to bring additional value to their video content.

How Subscription Box Companies Drive Customer Retention  Using Video Captions

  1. Turning social media to a power-house

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Videos are fire right now for product marketing on social media platforms – especially for B2C companies like subscription box creators. Animoto reported that 73% of people have reportedly said they have been influenced by a brands social media presence when making a buying decision. And since 85% of people watch social platforms on mute, captions and transcripts help grab viewers’ attention and produce engagement that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

  1. More conversions for the win

Another important statistic from Eyeview claims that videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%. Subscription box companies are using videos on social media to promote their products and then repurposing the same videos on their sign-up landing pages, which establishes brand continuity and gives great video ROI, as well as serving a higher conversion rate.

  1. Getting to page 1 on Google search rankings

It’s the dream of all marketing dreams, right? Well, in order for video content to be crawled, ranked and indexed by search engines, the transcript of that video must be embedded on the website. Google and the like cannot crawl video content without an accompanying text resource. With all the competition out there, subscription box companies are using transcripts to boost their rankings and gain new members.

  1. Customer Retention Rates Rise
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    The new face of product tutorials and instructional videos

All products and services require some level of user training or comprehension. Subscription boxes are no stranger to this, and sometimes have to create new instructional videos or product tutorials for every box they package – be it an art kit for children, a makeup with application instructions, or a date night box with many elements to correctly incorporate for that magical moment. Videos are helpful and highly engaging ways to train customers of all ages and demographics.

  1. Customer retention =Engaged customers and brand adoption

We live in a world of fast consumerism, where one day people love a product and the next, they’ve moved on completely. Engaging your customers and creating brand adoption is critical to ongoing success and improved customer retention. And employing video, especially captioned videos that people can watch anywhere, anytime to produce greater levels of engagement. In fact, it’s been reported by that the average user spends 88% more time on a website that includes video.

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  1. Transcripts automatically create a searchable reference guide

By having a full transcript of a video, even better through the cielo24 video wrapper, the full context of that video is displayed in a searchable and indexable fashion (similar to how search engines use the transcript).

For example, a food-based subscription box that uses videos to provide cooking tutorials can create automatic recipe reference guides. If a user wants to remember how to marinate something, they can search for “marinating” and be immediately taken to that part in the video (if using the video wrapper). Additionally, the transcript and subsequently identified tags, topics, and keywords available through the video wrapper can serve as a table of contents.

  1. Using transcripts allow you to index your video library

The cielo24 Enterprise solution allows companies to index their video library for easier internal searching. of search internally, creating a database that can be cached and then accessed. This means that within their own platforms their videos can then be ‘marked for search.’ With the vast amounts of video content that subscription box companies are managing, this is a critical benefit to their overall operations.

  1. Accessibility and compliance – the real gold star

It cannot be stated enough that making an internet, as well as a consumer experience, that is accessible to every single person on earth is extremely important. All people deserve the chance to enjoy their investments and life experiences as much as the next person. Captions open up a more fruitful online experience to people with hearing impairments or those learning new languages.

People join subscription box memberships for the personalization and the excitement of getting a hand-picked, expertly curated experience. Video captions help create that interactive, personal experience. They allow your customers to interact with your video content in a way nothing else can, making them feel connected to the brand and impressed by the quality of the companies’ resources. It is that buy-in that creates a swell in customer retention that subscription box companies are looking for.

Video Captions and Transcripts

Our Self Serve web app allows you to get started on transcriptions and captions immediately, without the wait for contracts or quotes. Self Serve allows for a preliminary amount of free machine-based transcriptions, and human-verified transcriptions and captions begin at less than $1/minute.

Enterprise plans are built around your specific needs with the help of an account executive to help satisfy more complex and/or larger amounts of media that need captioning or transcription.  Through Enterprise you also have access to our full suite of video and audio data solutions. Most universities use the Enterprise level account in order to ensure all the ADA compliance requirements are being fully met. However, the choice is always yours! And the options are there for your personal selection.

For more information on our video transcription accuracy, captioning and video intelligence solutions, contact us online or call us at 1-855-243-5624.

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