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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Transcribing Your Podcasts

Transcribing your podcast comes with many impressive benefits that will boost your visibility in this popular medium. Did you know 55% of Americans listen to podcasts in 2020? This number has more than doubled in the last decade as customers begin replacing music with podcast consumption. Whether you’re listening in the car, during a long workday, or while finishing chores around the house, podcasts have taken over the audio landscape. With this immense consumer market, podcast content creators must differentiate themselves from the other 1 million podcasts available. Transcribing and captioning audio content squeezes tremendous value out of your podcast while propelling your content to Google search’s first page results, increasing web accessibility, and growing subscribers.

Transcribing Podcasts Boosts Your SEO

Search engines can’t crawl audio content. To improve both your podcast and brand’s discoverability, transcribe your content. This will allow search engines to pick up keywords and episode metadata to boost your podcast reach. Publishing transcriptions along with your audio will increase your new inbound website traffic by 4.36% according to a case study by This American Life. Additionally, closed captions are also proven to greatly improve SEO. By increasing your search rankings and traffic to your site, new listeners will be more likely to discover your podcast while current listeners can more easily find and share your content.

Transcribing Podcasts Helps You Get More Out of Your Content

Transcripts are more than just written text. They can be an incredible marketing tool to help produce more content. In an hour, your podcast covers a vast range of topics and issues. Capitalize on the transcripts and closed captioning of these to produce additional blog articles, episode descriptions, speaker quotes, social media posts, etc that all contribute to your overall campaign. This will help promote both your podcast episode and your brand while saving you time and energy.

Turn Your Podcasts into Video

Our current online environment relies on visuals. Social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and even Facebook are built around images and videos. However, audio-only podcasts don’t share this same type of customer engagement. Podcasters can’t share a simple audio file through online platforms, so they’re turning their episodes into captioned videos to gain traction.

By transcribing podcast content, creators can take their audio captions, apply them to a photo background, and end up with an engaging finished product. Now, content creators can take samples of their video podcast, making sharing and promoting easy.

Transcribing Podcasts Increases Your Accessibility

15% of the US population over the age of 18 report trouble hearing. Without transcripts and closed captioning, this significant portion of the population is left at a disadvantage when it comes to audio content such as podcasts. In addition to those deaf or hard-of-hearing, other populations, such as non-native English speakers or those with ADD may have a hard time focusing on audio-only content. Captions and transcripts open up opportunities for listeners of all backgrounds to enjoy your content.

Aside from those with disabilities, situational factors may also contribute to consumers’ inability to listen to an audio-only podcast. Imagine you’re in a quiet waiting room with no headphones or you walk past a construction site in the middle of a joke’s punchline. Published transcripts or captions will allow your listeners to have a greater comprehension of your content or just pick up on the words they missed.

Get Quoted

Podcasts keep listeners engaged through their thought-provoking, interesting, or humorous content. Regardless of your genre or topic, you want your audience to resonate and hopefully share your message. The easiest way to keep people talking about your content is through quoting, whether this is in a tweet, blog, or article. By supplying transcripts for your podcast, listeners can then easily search for the episode, copy the desired quote, and most importantly cite you as the source. This will not only boost the shareability of your media but also give you the credit you deserve!

cielo24 Solutions for Audio Transcripts

Our Enterprise-level accounts help companies transcribe your audio and caption your videos. They come with the help of an account executive, as well as opening you up to our full suite of features like 16+ foreign language translations, advanced media data, and our video wrapper.

Our Self Serve web app allows you to get started ordering audio transcripts and video captions immediately, without the wait for contracts or quotes. All new users are given one free mechanical transcription, and can then order more machine or human-verified captions and transcripts for less than a dollar per minute.

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