003 – Discrimination and Normalized Ableism: The Impact of Removing Crowdsourced Closed Captions on Video

Transcript – Episode 003

In this episode, Nicole Flynn speaks with Emily Flamme, News Editor at the Quinnipiac Chronicle, about all things accessibility. They dive into YouTube’s removal of their crowdsourced closed captions as an example of normalized ableism and its harm towards the disabled community. From the media viewing experience to the college classroom, Emily provides us with important insights into the challenges facing those with disabilities and how we all can do better.

Topics Discussed:

  • Introducing Emily Flamme (00:30)
  • Normalized ableism in our society (02:05)
  • Problematic definitions of disabled (07:48)
  • YouTube and the removal of crowdsourced CC (12:45)
  • Benefits of captioning for everyone (16:38)
  • Closing Remarks (18:22)


Emily Flamme, News Editor at the Quinnipiac Chronicle, is a Journalism student at Quinnipiac University. Born profoundly deaf in both ears, Emily has first-hand experience navigating the demands and challenges of an ableist society and provides important insights into how the hearing world can do better.


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