004 – Rolling Out a Transcription Program

Transcript – Episode 004

Nicole Flynn, is joined by John Jones, Director of Media Resources Center at Wichita State University, for a provocative discussion about the way in which organizations adopt accessibility practices. With John’s influence, Wichita State has adopted a progressive view of instructional design that has allowed all students to foster. Throughout the episode, John Jones touches on the need for setting University-wide standards for text size requirements, captioning other student’s material, and how to successfully roll out a thorough transcription program.

Topics Discussed:

  • Introducing John Jones (00:30)
  • Parity standards and thinking differently about accessibility (06:28)
  • COVID-19 and captioning (09:19)
  • Establishing a budget for captioning (13:15)
  • Benefits of cross-departmental task forces (14:43)
  • Wichita’s additional accessibility practices (16:38)
  • Closing remarks (21:02)


John Jones, the Director of Media Resources Center and the Interim Accessibility Coordinator at Wichita State University, has worked with all types of organizations from higher education institutions to Fortune 500 companies as a web developer, corporate trainer, adjunct lecturer, editor, instructional designer, and educational technologist to advocate for comprehensive accessibility practices.

Visit the Kansas Accessibility Resources Network for more accessibility resources.


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