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Students who utilize captioned educational videos in a learning environment average as much as a full GPA point increase!

The rapid adoption of educational video for blended, flipped, distance, and online learning programs has left many universities without a way to manage thousands of hours of video content.

cielo24 partners with leading online video platforms to provide a campus-wide solution for managing course video content. Our searchable captions™, transcripts, and video intelligence power accessibility compliance, improve learning outcomes, and transform your unstructured content into an organized, searchable video library.

cielo24 knows the constraints placed on educators and works to be an accessibility resource and full-service platform for high-quality, low-cost captions and transcriptions.

Find additional information about all of our transcription solutions here.

Feel free to contact us for a demo to see how easy it is to integrate cielo24 searchable captions™ and media data.

Education Video Captioning

Content search and discovery

Beneficial to those learning in a second language

Help with word identification, meaning and retention

Meet legal obligations for hard of hearing students

Improved focus, comprehension, and literacy rates

Clarification of missing information for individuals who have difficulty processing speech and auditory components in media

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Seamless video data solutions that increase Discovery, Reach, Engagement and Compliance

cielo24 captions, transcripts, and video intelligence transforms unstructured media into fully searchable structured media data, powering enhanced discovery, reach, engagement, and accessibility compliance.

Contact us for a demo to see how easy cielo24 searchable captions ™ and media data integration really are.

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