Students who utilized captioned educational video in the learning environment averaged as much as a full GPA point increase!

The rapid growth in classroom video instruction and online educational offerings has necessitated the demand for improved solutions for the digital classroom environment. cielo24 searchable captions™, media data and intelligence enables online educational video content to become as searchable as a textbook.

One of the benefits of captioned video transcripts, is the ability to search content within a video while the student is engaged viewing the video. The immediate connection and interaction students are provided leads to improved access, retention and bridges the gap for the hard of hearing and second language learners.

A key challenge for high volume media producers, especially educators, is how to meet Universal Access within budget constraints. cielo24 solutions for educators can support your video classroom needs at high quality, low cost, and available fast. Find additional information about all of our transcription solutions here.

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Benefits of captions in education:

  • Content search and discovery.
  • Assist those with reading and literacy challenges.
  • Beneficial to those learning in a second language.
  • Help with word identification, meaning and retention.
  • Meet required government mandates for deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Higher comprehension skills when compared to viewers watching the same media without them.
  • Captions provide missing information for individuals who have difficulty processing speech and auditory components in media.

Feel free to contact us for a demo to see how easy cielo24 searchable captions™ and media data integration really is.

Captioning for Accessibility in Education Resources

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