Fully Leverage Your Video SEO Strategy

cielo24 Webinar Series: Company-Wide Solution: Fully Leverage Your Video SEO Strategy

Industry: Media, Enterprise, Education, News, Entertainment, Service Providers

Take a look at the video SEO strategy and best practices webinar recording.  We focused our discussion on how to optimize media ROI, content and distribution strategy through video media data intelligence; captions, transcriptions, indexes, keywords and topics.

Forrester Research, states that video results are 50 times more likely to get organic page ranks in Google than text results alone.   You invest considerable resources into making high quality accessible media content.  Make sure your video is discoverable.  This webinar discusses best practices to extend your investment, video shelf life and significantly improve SEO and discovery.

Your Media Data at a glance:

  • Metadata including titles, descriptions and tags optimize SEO
  • Captions act as additional metadata and extend audience to second language viewers
  • Subtitles will power video search in additional languages
  • Playlists will enhance watch time increasing rankings
  • Making videos accessible to English as a 2nd language (ESL) viewers
  • Common use cases, best practices, and success stories

Webinar Recording here.

Ryan Sweeney – Business Development, cielo24
Jeff Stieber- VP Sales, cielo24
Thomas Gehret- Business Development Manager, cielo24

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