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What is Media Data?

All about Media Data, and why you should care.

Media data is the entirety of a video broken down to text form. Transcripts, captions, topics, keywords, subjects and tier 2 AdWords, Everything.

And you should care because it’s the not-so-distant future of video advertising.

Let’s dig in.

It may be the most important question you ask yourself. What is Media data?  First of all, media data is not metadata. True, they sound similar, but they couldn’t be more different. Metadata scratches the surface of video with some general ideas and categorization. Media data gives you the entire video in text form.

So, is media data like captioning? Nope – captioning and transcripts just write down the words spoken on screen. Media data does that and provides all the context around it – context especially vital to advertisers targeting video watchers.

Think of it this way: Metadata is the About section on your Facebook page. Captions are your Facebook posts before you were allowed to add images. Media data is the whole shebang – your profile, posts, pictures and list of likes.

Step up your targeting.

So if you’re an advertiser looking to place ads on online videos, media data is a HUGE step up in targeting ability. Instead of targeting based on human-added tags, titles and summaries, you can view the entire database of the video and search it any way you want.

Where once you were playing darts in a dark, noisy dive bar while wearing sunglasses, now you’re firing away in a bright room. And standing much closer to the dartboard.

Leverage your Media Data.

So, media data is great, right? We at Cielo24 are the only ones that specializes in it. Plenty of others produce captioning, obviously, but we now know that’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight in the advertising world.

Try cielo24 media data for free to find out more about how simple (and inexpensive!) it can be to get to the guts of online video.  Contact Us directly with any questions you may have.



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