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New Technology Allows You to Monetize Your Video Content

How to Monetize Your Video Content with Data

The importance of video in today’s digital marketing scene is evident, but many marketers are still leaving out a key ingredient: video SEO. Leveraging your video’s data is a foolproof way to monetize your video content with very little effort.

Video and SEO haven’t always mixed because search engines can’t watch videos. However, new video intelligence technology from cielo24 allows for online media and video to finally become SEO enabled.

Video SEO Landscape

In the past, it was only possible to search video media through a video’s title and manually entered tags (metadata). That meant that video was hard to access, difficult to insert keywords into, and subsequently challenging to monetize.

In response, cielo24 has introduced the ability for customers to make their videos fully SEO enabled with high-quality video intelligence data. This data transforms unstructured media into fully searchable, structured data, which allows users to search your video content on top engines such as YouTube and Google searches.

This new approach to SEO can dramatically boost video ROI by driving increased video discovery, engagement and reach. Additionally, this data enables accessibility for hard of hearing audiences, delivering more eyes to your videos.

Video Intelligence Data Explained

High-quality video intelligence data is made up of captions, transcripts, metadata, tags, topics, speakers, and more. These work together to enable video SEO, accessibility compliance, contextual advertising and content recommendations for web users.

While this data optimizes your video content for SEO, it can also be used to index media, produce accurate captions, and categorize keywords and topics. All of these functions are highly useful for improving accessibility for hearing impaired viewers and viewers who are watching a video in a second language.

closed caption symbol; Monetize Your Video ContentProviding accurate closed captions is crucial for organizations that are subject to federal captioning laws. These organizations include educational institutions, government agencies, broadcasters, and many private businesses. The main captioning laws are the FCC’s CVAA, Section 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, and the Americans With Disabilities Act.

All in all, high-quality video intelligence improves the user experience and offers key advantages to a wide array of industries, including education providers, news outlets, marketers, and media producers.

Monetize Your Video Content with cielo24

With cielo24’s high-quality video intelligence, it’s now possible to perform accurate searches for online video, which not only means more communication with viewers, but also the ability for web users to find exactly the videos they’re looking for.

The best part is that cielo24 organizes the process for each client, providing institution-wide video SEO solutions that are custom-tailored to each client’s needs.

cielo24 video intelligence ensures video experience is optimized for everyone and allows:

  • Videos to be categorized and client-defined with ease
  • Interesting quotes and excerpts to be displayed in content descriptions
  • Speakers, subject, topics, and keywords to be used for contextual advertising

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