repurposing video content; video ROI; video SEO

5 Ways to Repurpose Video Content for Improved Video ROI

Repurpose video content; it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

So you did all this work to create awesome marketing videos for your company. You could stop there, or you could take it to the next level and repurpose video content into various other forms of content with very little effort. Sounds pretty great right?

repurpose video content; video ROI; video SEOThe benefits of repurposing video content don’t stop at saving time and energy, they also include:

  • Improved video SEO
  • Higher return on investment
  • Better audience targeting
  • Wider reach
  • More video views
  • Improved message retention

Let’s look at some ways you can reimagine your videos to make the most of your marketing efforts.

5 Ways to Repurpose Video Content

These tactics can be used for all kinds of videos and do an excellent job of extending the value of your videos.

1. Create a Video Transcript

One of the most readily available and useful pieces of data you can pull from a video is the transcript (the entire video’s dialogue in written form). For an SEO boost, the add the video transcript into the HTML of the web pages where your videos appear. You should also paste it into the video description section on YouTube.

When adding the video transcript, make sure to optimize it with keywords, the same as you would for any blog post. You can follow these tips for formatting video transcripts for SEO.

2. Create Blog Post/eBook Using the Transcript

Videos that are at least five minutes long are perfect for repurposing into blog articles and eBooks. The average five-minute video contains 750 words, which is right in line with the average blog post length.

All you have to do is take your handy video transcript, think about what you want to focus on for the article, and edit the content. Super simple! Longer videos and webinars make great content for eBooks, such as seen here.

3. Make Short Clips/GIFs for Social Media

Breaking longer videos into short clips is an easy way to extend the shelf-life of your videos and target busy viewers who don’t want to watch the anything longer than a minute or even 30 seconds. GIFs are also a great way to engage with your audience on social media. Product videos, testimonials, and webinars make good options for quick clips and GIFs.

4. Upload as a Podcast

If your video makes sense without the visuals, you can easily export the audio and upload it to iTunes and other popular podcast sites. This can help you reach a different segment of your audience and position your company as a thought-leader.

5. Create Web Images

Stock images aren’t free, but if your business is already making videos, you can easily pull images from your videos for free. The average web video is shot at 30 frames per second. Each of those frames is a potential image you can use for blog posts, web pages, social media, and more.


Videos provide multiple opportunities for content repurposing that not only boost video ROI but also boost video SEO. When planning your video marketing strategy, think about the ways you can repurpose video content and work those considerations in beforehand, making the process as smooth as possible.

It’s a smart idea to always get your videos transcribed. As an easy yet hugely beneficial addition to video SEO, video transcriptions provide the foundation for your repurposing strategy. From there, you can get creative and engage with your audience in new ways.

Nicole E. Flynn, CMO at cielo24, is deeply interested in exploring and communicating the ways in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) intersects with various aspects of our daily lives. She is passionate about exploring the ways in which AI can be ethically harnessed to improve the quality of life and make our world a better place. Nicole seeks to educate and inform audiences about the potential of AI technology and how it can be used to drive innovation and growth.