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Mediasite Webinar Recap and Q&A is Available for Download

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In July 2016, cielo24 teamed up with Mediasite and Jessica Phillips for the webinar “How to Use Technology to Make Learning Accessible to All,” where viewers learned how to build the right accessible technology program at the university. The panelists shared their invaluable knowledge and advice regarding how to implement universal design and how the captioning process works for educators.

This 10-page eBook details Jessica’s Three-Pronged Approach to establishing universal design at the university, as well as the answers to all of the questions asked during the webinar. These span from questions about the definition of disability to questions regarding the accuracy of captions and how captioning works within LMS like Blackboard and video platforms like Mediasite.

As a committed thought leader in education, cielo24 provides eBooks such as this one at no cost to you. Feel free to download this Webinar Insights eBook, as well as to watch the original webinar here.

Led by Sean Brown, Vice President at Sonic Foundry, the webinar panelists included:

  • Jessica Phillips: Sr. Instructional Designer and Strategic Initiatives Coordinator at the Office of Distance Education and eLearning at The Ohio State University
  • Ryan Sweeney: Senior Director of Business Development at cielo24
  • Nicole Flynn: Director of Strategic Partnership & Marketing Initiatives at cielo24

We hope this is a helpful resource and look forward to creating more content for the higher education community.

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Nicole E. Flynn, CMO at cielo24, is deeply interested in exploring and communicating the ways in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) intersects with various aspects of our daily lives. She is passionate about exploring the ways in which AI can be ethically harnessed to improve the quality of life and make our world a better place. Nicole seeks to educate and inform audiences about the potential of AI technology and how it can be used to drive innovation and growth.