The Role of Video Captions in the New Workplace of Millennials and Generation Z

Millennials and Generation Z prefer video content and video captions in the workplace. And the technology that a company provides Millennials and Gen Z has become a central part of employee recruitment.  In fact, 45% of employees under the age of 35 rank technology as a key factor in choosing employment.

One technology that is of special significance is video; both the kind of video content made available as well as the tools available for consuming video in the workplace. In this blog, we explore the prominent role that video will play in future working environments as Millennials and Generation Z’s take center stage in tomorrow’s office.

Why Gen Z and Millennial Workers Demand Video

Millennials and Gen Z’s will soon account for almost 60% of the workforce over the next decade. Simultaneously, video is growing in popularity every year hand over fist. This is in large part due to the Gen Z and Millennial population that have embraced video as the most relevant format for online content. Over 70% of Gen Z content consumption comes from video. And this preference for video has unsurprisingly trickled over into the workplace.

Also, important to note is that over 30% of video consumption by this group is done on mobile devices. Millennials and Generation Z’s also tend to spend more than three hours a day working on a mobile device.

To engage this new workforce, companies need to understand the role that mobile accessible video will play in the new office environment. “Good enough” tools won’t attract top talent. Millennials and Gen Z’s want platforms that make doing their jobs easier – like video players with high quality video captions.

How Video Impacts Remote Work and Improves Employee Productivity

The rising popularity of remote work and anytime-anywhere-access means people are now working in all kinds of environments outside of the traditional office. That includes on a bus or train during a commute, in coffee shops, shared workspace environments, and even working during their off-duty on-the-go lives – like a kid’s soccer game or over drinks with friends.

85% of people watch online videos while muted. It’s not a far stretch to see that work-related video or audio content also needs to be accessible without sound, as well. These workers can certainly put on headphones to check out the audio, but video captions on work-related video or audio content make it much easier for Millennials and Get Z’s to consume and respond in any setting.

Video Helps Establish a Strong Company Culture

Captioned videos help new employees, especially those of the Millennial and Gen Z variety, identify with your company mission. These videos can promote your work environment and atmosphere, highlight company-sponsored events within the community, and creatively represent your products or services. Younger workers expect video content and if you’re not utilizing this medium, including with closed captions and subtitles (depending on foreign language needs), you’re missing a huge opportunity to attract and engage this group of people.

Video Captions for Workers with Disabilities

As said above, Millennials and Gen Z’s will soon make up roughly 60% of the workforce over the next decade. With 15% of people experiencing some level of hearing impairment, video captions only grow more necessary. Video captions help organizations address the needs of workers with disabilities. Title I, of the ADA prohibits discrimination in all employment practices, and HR departments must provide video captions for all areas of the employment process, including job application procedures, hiring, firing, advancement, compensation, training, and other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment.

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