7 Reasons YouTube Should Be In Every Classroom

7 Reasons YouTube Should Be In Every Classroom

As one of the largest search engines in the world, YouTube has incredible educational benefits for educators, parents, and students at every level. Whether you’re looking for an entertaining Crash Course on the US Constitution or a video to help your students master the carbon life cycle, YouTube’s educational content can aid every curriculum. Currently, there are more educational videos on YouTube than there are books in the Library of Congress. Due to COVID-19, our current education system has shifted to a remote environment in which instructors are struggling to produce high-quality, engaging courses and many parents are having to take on the additional role of their child’s teacher. 

Take a look at a few ways to incorporate YouTube into your classroom. 

To gain access to free, high-quality lecture content

Transitioning to remote learning is enough work in itself. Don’t add more to your plate by creating all your own content when you have thousands of videos at your fingertips. Some great channels to get material from include TEDx Talks, Khan Academy, BBC Teach, and AsapSCIENCE.

To share student work

Showcase your incredible students. Design assignments so that your students produce educational videos on one of your lesson plan topics. Not only will it help reinforce the material but also allow students to engage with one another as they see what their classmates come up with.

To make your content relevant

Textbooks, workbooks, and other printed materials tend to be outdated because of the high cost of production. YouTube videos, however, are timely and culturally relevant by nature. Otherwise, they’re not successful. Incorporating videos into your curriculum allows your students to understand the material within the context of today’s world, not 20 years ago.

To reinforce material

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The more avenues a student gains information from, the faster it will ‘click’ for them. Using YouTube videos in combination with other forms of teaching, such as lecturing, readings, or discussions will improve overall comprehension and subsequently grades.

To engage all types of learners

More than any other generation, Gen Z are visual learners. Growing up with access to technology such as personal computers, TV, video games, etc., using technology to learn comes second nature to them. Additionally, YouTube videos also suit auditory learners and instructors can tie in kinesthetic learnings using physical tasks while watching videos.

To demonstrate labs and experiments

Many STEM classes are struggling to provide their students with the same hands-on experience that was available in person. YouTube provides an opportunity for instructors to clearly showcase the whole experiment from start to finish in a more engaging way than viewing pictures in a textbook.

To reward students

At the end of the day, watching a video is fun! 59% of students prefer watching YouTube videos as a way of learning — more than both in-person group activities and reading from printed books.

From using videos as a way to explain complex concepts to allowing students creativity to flow, YouTube is a great tool for every classroom. In our increasingly digital, remote world embrace the opportunity of educational technology, such as YouTube.

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