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Speech Recognition Trends of 2021

These speech recognition trends are heavily tied to the proliferation of e-commerce during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, many have to do with products, shopping, and lifestyle assistance.

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However, the streamlined nature of speech recognition has efficiency aspects that may significantly adapt business processes. With that being said, these are the most anticipated speech recognition trends of 2021 and beyond.

Voice Shopping

Though not particularly to online shopping experiences, voice-controlled shopping is an interesting trend set to take hold in 2021. Its effect on e-commerce remains to be seen; however, projections show that by 2022, voice search for shopping needs will become a $40 billion industry.

One of the largest players in the industry, Amazon, has successfully utilized its Amazon Alexa technology and its line of smart speakers to progress voice-controlled shopping.

Companies can add aspects of personalization and recommendations while also using the gathered consumer data to improve the experiences of customers as well as the products themselves.

It is clear that making voice recognition and voice technology an integral part of your business or organization is a surefire strategy to get ahead of your competition in the years to come. Voice doesn’t only drive digital sales, it can also lead to increased sales of physical products, such as groceries and train tickets.

Voice Assistance

Voice assistance is a major part of the growing voice recognition industry. This ranges from voice assistance in apps on smartphones to voice assistants in smart TVs or watches. However, the hottest trend this year is voice assistants within mobile applications.

Voice-powered apps simplify the process of using them and, thus, can significantly improve their functionality. Users can say where they need to go in the app rather than navigating through menus, searches, forms, support, etc., users can say where they need to go in the app, and the voice recognition technology handles the rest.

Voice recognition in smart TVs is simply a match made in heaven. Instead of frantically searching for the remote or navigating through literally thousands of channels, voice recognition allows users to move from channel to channel easily.

This comes in the form of smart assistants that may be programmed into your remote or the TV itself. Though it will depend on the TV model being used, most televisions nowadays have utilized this technology to become mainstream in the industry.

Dynamic Dialogue

Closely related to the conversational AI trend mentioned above, dynamic dialogue refers to users’ interactions when playing video games offline. It is based on dynamic factors, including the player’s choices and random selections of in-game options.

Thus, video games’ speech recognition technology can eventually create a highly personalized and customizable experience. Through sophisticated neural networks, game designers can use speech recognition technology to mimic human speech within games.

Speech Recognition in Business Processes

Chief among speech recognition trends in 2021 are solutions that optimize business processes. Since speech recognition technology can be fully customized for specific business purposes and challenges, its presence in business meetings, customer relationship management, and enterprise resource planning will be significant in the future.

Another side of speech recognition in business processes is the use of the technology for outbound calls as well as smart interactive voice response. These solutions are capable of replacing agents in call centers due to their effectiveness and customization. Thus, it is foreseeable that sales calls and the dreaded “cold call” can be usurped by these smart solutions utilizing speech recognition technology.

Speech Recognition Trends Conclusion

Speech recognition has become a mainstream tool for many companies, apps, and other digital platforms. As the usage of speech recognition grows, there are many new trends that have become very popular. These speech recognition trends streamline many processes that are seen within e-commerce but it also can play a critical role in other business processes. This blog will serve as a one-stop shop for the most recent and relevant speech recognition trends that can be implemented in organizations’ products, processes, and platforms.

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