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Why Transcript Keywords are Important

Effectively using a transcript keywords strategy is the first step toward getting the right exposure, SEO strategy, and ROI on your media content.

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At cielo24, we know that identifying which keywords to target for SEO is half the battle when it comes to making your content become more discoverable online. That’s why we offer keyword identification at every level. Simply request it when uploading your content and we’ll also provide a list of top keywords from within your audio or video content.

Transcript Keywords: What Are They?

Keywords curated from your video or audio content are words that are used frequently are sum up your message. They are the exact tool that search engines use to identify the significant content on your website.

A good keyword is one that is specific enough to help you stand out in a search query but is broad enough to reach a large audience. This is why long-tail keywords (a phrase that is generally made from three to five words) are so important.

How To Make a Keyword List

There are five main ways to identify your keywords, with all of these working together to create a comprehensive keyword list:

1. Summarizing your product or service: This will give your keyword foundation. Then you add in secondary keywords like your geographical location, target audience, and specifics offering details.

2. Add tertiary words & phrases: Think about words that relate to your content or use a thesaurus to come up with similar words.

3. Utilize SEMrush or Google’s Keyword Planner: These keyword planning tools can help evaluate keyword traffic across all online websites to show you what is being searched.

4. Look at competitor sites: Scanning competitors’ websites will show you commonly recurring words or phrases to get a sense of how your market is communicating about your offerings.

5. Use cielo24 keywords: This will provide you with a list of keywords related to the content you’ve already created.

With these resources, it’s important to understand that keywords work circularly – you want to infuse your content with important keywords before you create it, as well as review content for new keyword insights.

Where To Use Keywords

In three main places, your website copy, AdWords, and for new content creation. Having a list of critical keywords helps you align your content development, target your ideal audience, and create a laser-like focus on your growth strategy.

The Role of Transcript Keywords in Your SEO Strategy

Keywords and search engine optimization go hand in hand.  You could have a website with zero keyword identification, but then no one would be able to find your website online. And search engines can exist, but without keywords, they’d have a very difficult time knowing the websites with which to populate
their results. The following steps lead your web content from purely existing on the internet to reaching massive audiences.

1. Informing Search Engines on Your Offerings

To start, search engines crawl the entire internet for specific keywords given to them during search queries and find all places where the two intersect. They then do a series of cross-references with
other keywords, as well as other SEO-related elements to rank all their results into the most logical order.

But, overall, keywords are the root of the entire process. You can’t build a successful SEO strategy without accurate, descriptive keywords.

2. Identifying Your Relevant Content

Hand in hand with the search engine’s role is your own contribution by helping these engines to identify information relevant to the search query. To do this, you strategically place keywords on your forward-facing web copy, as well as incorporate the keywords into the back-end of your website coding. Most platforms, like WordPress, provide easy instructions on where to place these back-end keywords that the engines will use to find your pages.

3. Aligning with “Key” Search Phrases and Terms

On the other side of this coin is aligning your content with popular search terms and phrases. So, you’re building your web copy around your offerings, but then you’re also going to build your web copy around already established popular search queries. For example, it might be popular to search “gluten-free bakery” and – knowing this – you will create pages that center around gluten-free cupcakes. You might even go so far as to bolster your offerings based on what you discover to be popular keywords. Maybe you weren’t planning on focusing on gluten-free cupcakes, but knowing how many people are looking for them online, you decide to enter that niche market.

With all these powers combined, your keyword-infused website copy and the force of search engine crawling and indexing your site will help your content perform better than your competitors and improve your search engine ranking.

Transcript Keywords Conclusion

Utilizing transcript keywords can be a major game-changer for the SEO, ROI, and discoverability of your online content. Most people search with keywords to find content and information. If you can effectively leverage these keywords, your content will be among the first to show up on search engines and, thus, is more likely to be clicked on.

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