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As coronavirus continues to impact our nation, schools everywhere are relying on virtual learning environments. cielo24 can help.
Apple Accessibility In Education

Apple Accessibility In Education

Are you up to date on how Apple accessibility in education can help your child?

Earlier this summer at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Tim cook reminded the us all about Apple’s dedication to build best-of-breed products that change people’s lives.   Apple has made good on that promise with iOS and OS X accessibility features.

Beyond Apple’s already famous intuitive design, Apple products now come with accessibility features that allow people with disabilities to experience and interact with technology like everyone else. Leveling the technology landscape can only prove beneficial for 1 in 5 americans that have a disability. Borrowing Apples words; So every device not only has accessible features — but accessible principles — built right in.  This is especially important when it comes to accessibility in education.

Apple Accessibility in ClassroomApple accessibility in education

Apple accessibility in education benefits the classroom learning environment to achieve better comprehension and learning outcomes. Apple provides teachers with tools to assist students with various forms of disabilities. There are tools for to enhance; concentrations, hearing impairment, visual challenges and much more. See a list of all the Educational Accessibility Apps.  Apple is also offering parents and teachers courses for creating inclusive learning environments.

If your child’s ability to use technology in the classroom isn’t supported in his or her school, know your rights. In a recent article we published on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or IDEA, parents are allowed to request to speak with your child’s teacher and see if they can develop an Individualized Education Program that will work to me your child’s needs. Accessibility in education is a right not an option.


Apple Accessibility In Education

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