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Closed Captions Enhance Comprehension And Engagement

Closed Captions Enhance Comprehension and Engagement

Closed Captions Enhance Comprehension and Engagement for All Viewers.

Do you turn on closed captions when you are watching your favorite show on Hulu, YouTube or Netflix? I bet you do, and I would wager that most of you aren’t hard of hearing or deaf. The majority of people who use captions on their TV’s, computers and mobile devices aren’t hearing impaired. People choose to turn them on because closed captions enhance comprehension and engagement.

BBC’s Startling Discovery

If you are surprised by this, that’s ok. Many people and businesses were unaware of how people used captions. The BBC conducted an in-depth survey of people 18 years and older, and found out that:

  • 80% of people who used closed captions had no hearing loss.
  • 80% of people who used closed captions were not hearing impaired.
  • 70% of respondents said closed captions improved comprehension.
  • Most people were satisfied with prerecorded closed captions.
  • Most people were dissatisfied with live close caption service.
Closed Captions Enhance Comprehension and Engagement
Closed Captions Enhance Comprehension and Engagement

Closed Captions Improve Comprehension

Improved comprehension is the main reason behind why people like captions. They also help when:

  • People aren’t speaking clearly
  • Technical terms are used
  • Slang terms are used
  • Dialects are different like the different
  • Helps with focus and retention of information presented

Why Companies Should Love Captions

When people are able to comprehend your content you will increase user engagement and increase the likelihood they will watch the entire video.  Here is what adding captions can do:

  • 40% more time spent watching video.
  • 80% more people watch video to completion vs 40% for videos without.
  • Viewers have higher likelihood of positive reaction.
  • Making videos accessible to English for 2nd language (ESL) viewers.
  • Creating searchable video content.
  • Increase student engagement through an interactive experience.
  • Using keywords improve content discovery for better learning outcomes.

If you want to make your videos more memorable and engage you audience, consider adding closed captions.


closed captions enhance comprehension

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