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The Many Ways Audio Transcripts are Being Put to Good Use

There are so many reasons why audio transcripts are valuable. Recording an audio file is done for a number of reasons: a journalist recording an interview, a student recording a lecture, a researcher recording data for use in a study, a business person recording a meeting.

Given the vast opportunities for audio recordings to spring into existence, there is an equal number of opportunities for these recordings to be turned into highly valuable text-based transcription. Some of the most popular (or unexpected) instances of audio transcripts are being used are outlined below.

12 Ways Audio Transcripts Can be Leveraged for Success

  1. The journalist turning a private interview into a written Q&A
  2. A student using a lecture recording to study for final exams
  3. A police officer recording audio from the scene of a crime and later pulling witness quotes
  4. An executive assistant keeping minutes of a Board of Directors meeting
  5. A medical researcher recording patient response to a drug trial
  6. A marketing director recording focus group feedback
  7. A teacher recording live student presentations for later review and grading
  8. A podcaster turning an episode into a written feature
  9. A politician reviewing a recent speech they gave to constituents
  10. A musician recording song lyrics during the song-writing process
  11. An attorney keeping a record of a deposition
  12. An insurance representative recording a conversation with a customer submitting a claim

audio transcriptionThe imagination can run wild with all the ways audio transcripts can be used within the daily ongoings of almost any individual. What’s important to consider next is how the quality of audio transcripts can impact each of these use cases.

Take, for example, the medical assistant recording patient reaction to a drug trial. Imagine the patient stated that the drug in question made them feel light-headed throughout the day. But the transcription, being of lower quality, translated it to “right headed.” This greatly changes the meaning of the patient’s experience.

Another example would be the police officer reviewing witness testimony from a crime scene. Perhaps there was audio of a witness saying the suspect was “short and heavy” but the audio transcription came through as “sort of heavy.” Again, the meaning would change and could thus impact the entire case.

Not only are audio transcripts a great tool for individuals of all types, but the need for accurate audio transcriptions and captions is often paramount.

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