Professors Use Audio Transcripts and Video Captions

9 Ways Professors Use Audio Transcripts and Video Captions

There are so many ways professors use audio transcripts and video captions. Individuals in the field of education, especially higher education, understand the necessity of closed captioning for ADA compliance and accessibility. But the impacts and penalties for failure to meet these federal requirements land on the university’s head, so-to-speak, not the heads of those providing the education.

Still, there are many reasons why professors are putting transcripts and captions to use that go far beyond compliance. In fact, they are finding that audio transcripts can make their lives easier, their jobs more enjoyable, and their careers as educators more successful.

Reasons Professors Use Audio Transcripts and Video Captions

Future Course Material

Recording and transcribing a lecture can be hugely beneficial towards creating new course materials – either for the same class diving deeply into one topic, or for future classes. Teachers can search by keywords, identifying common threads across numerous lectures, and even possibly discover new topics to explore.

Study Aids

Transcripts can be easily repurposed into student study aids. Through cielo24’s keywords and interactive search capabilities, professors can build robust study aids that will help their students to thrive.

Easier to Educate Disabled and ESL Students

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So often, teachers aren’t even aware of a student’s disability or language challenges that make it difficult to follow lectures. Making transcripts available to students who struggle to take quality notes because of their English skills or have a disability that impairs their learning can help them significantly – improving retention and engagement.

Improve Teaching Styles

A lecture transcript can also help teachers identify areas of improvement in their teaching techniques. Perhaps you’re too friendly with the word “um” or use run-on sentences that can be hard for students to follow. It can be difficult to recognize these concerns without that external point of view.

Student Surveys

A happy, well-informed and highly engaged student – who feels their needs are being heard, met and understood by their professor – will be the student who leaves a raving professorial rating. And we all know how important student reviews are towards your…

Path to Tenure

As you work towards tenure, your student outcomes and student reviews are both taken into consideration. Transcripts and captions can help propel your path towards tenure by helping your students succeed!

Research Assistance

Another important aspect of professorial work is your continued research and study. Audio transcripts are extremely helpful in your research efforts, allowing you to record interviews, focus groups, conversations, etc. and then explore them at a later date easily and efficiently. With transcript keywords, you can navigate sometimes complex dialogue for critical information, instead of sitting with your finger on the rewind button.

Publishing Requirements

The same is also true for your publishing requirements as you work towards tenure. Transcripts can be easily repurposed into useable text-based material, and the keywords and search functions of the cielo24 platforms help you find key topics to cover in your theses, dissertations, presentations, articles, books, and documentaries.

Bonus: Grading Presentations

If you’re skilled at recording and transcribing, have an established account (receive a free Self Serve caption and transcript here), and want to go the extra mile… you can even consider recording student presentations and transcribing them for later review. This will allow you to fully understand your student’s presentation skills of topic analysis – all while making your life easier.

Educational Audio Transcripts and Captions Solutions

Operation Varsity Blues' Impact on Accessible EducationOur Self Serve web app allows you to get started on transcriptions and captions immediately, without the wait for contracts or quotes. Self Serve allows for a preliminary amount of free machine-based transcriptions, and human-verified transcriptions and captions begin at less than $1/minute.

Enterprise plans are built around your specific needs with the help of an account executive to help satisfy more complex and/or larger amounts of media that need captioning or transcription.  Through Enterprise you also have access to our full suite of video and audio data solutions. Most universities use the Enterprise level account in order to ensure all the ADA compliance requirements are being fully met. However, the choice is always yours! And the options are there for your personal selection.

For more information on our video transcription accuracy, captioning and video intelligence solutions, contact us online or call us at 1-855-243-5624.

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