Transcripts Support Globalization for International Media Reach

Transcripts Support Globalization for International Media Reach

It’s become very commonplace for a business to cross onto other shores, and communicate with new cultures. Borders are “virtually” dissolving thanks to the internet, and our vast oceans and land masses that used to separate us no longer pose any challenge.  The vast growth of media is one of the most impactful ways of connecting our world. Specifically, how video transcripts support globalization for international media reach.

But communicating effectively, despite our easy access to one another worldwide, is still a difficult barrier.

Without proper foreign language translation, making content accessible and digestible in user-friendly ways, it doesn’t matter how close we can get to one another. We still won’t be connected.

Globalization Meets Localization

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As we venture into this new, smaller world, it’s also important for companies and organizations to embrace the local culture. In a counter-measure to the global spread, societies everywhere are getting closer and more internalized as a means to protect their unique identities.

In answer to this, companies and organizations who enter new territory are trying to embrace the local cultures as a part of their new market development strategies.

There are many other ways companies localize into a new region:

  • Using language, jargon and regional dialect to communicate a message
  • Modifying the graphic design and product presentation to local habits and trends
  • Using area formatting for dates, times, addresses, phone numbers, currency, etc.
  • Adopting local laws, requirements, and regulations

However, the primary means of “localizing” is to translate into the local language. This is where captions and transcription – specifically foreign language translation – come into play.

The Ways Captions and Transcripts Support Globalization for International Media Reach

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There is no easier, better way to communicate a new market than to translate already crafted video or audio content into the regional language. In fact, this is one of the preliminary steps that many companies make in order to begin moving into new markets.

Consider this new market growth strategy:

  1. Identify a product or solution that you want to move into a new market
  2. Take a video or audio file that effectively describes said product or solution
  3. Translate the file into the correct new market regional language
  4. Push the content into the new market through advertisement and organic reach
  5. Measure the market response to the content
  6. Repeat until new market growth strategy can be strategically outlined

This strategy allows companies to test the waters, so to speak, and identify which solutions and products will perform best in new markets – especially in markets where the cultures and trends are different from the organization’s own. Companies can then effectively localize at low costs, avoiding a crash-and-burn approach that could happen if the wrong new market development strategy was adopted.

Another important factor to consider is how companies reach and communicate with their employees based across the globe. Companies will host internal events, record and translate them into different languages, and then share those videos or podcasts with different branches around the world. This way, staff everywhere can feel connected to headquarters no matter where they are or what language they speak.

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How to Garner Video Transcripts Support Globalization and International Reach

Transcripts Support Globalization for International Media ReachWhen you need a media caption and transcript service that can support your international growth needs, cielo24 can help you walk through the process.  cielo24 offers multiple languages on a self-serve basis or through a more robust enterprise solution. Through an Enterprise plan, you also have access to our full suite of video and audio data solutions.

The choice is always yours. And the options are there for your personal selection. We are a no hassle, no pressure company and hope to earn your business.

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