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How To Use Content Keywords In Your Media Transcripts

Content keyword identification within your audio or video content is one of the most exciting benefits of using a third-party transcription tool. Not all solutions offer such a benefit, but at cielo24 we know that identifying which content keywords to target for SEO is half the battle when it comes to making your content become more discoverable online. 

That’s why content keywords are included in every level of transcription solution we provide. With every transcript we return, we also provide a list of top keywords within your audio or video content. And there are some very exciting ways in which this information can make your content more effective and expand its reach!

Using Content Keywords Within Media Transcripts

Create Titles, H1 and H2 tags

The way you title your content and the pages you create to share your content online is absolutely critical to your search engine ranking and indexing. This is one of the primary ways that search engines identify query-related information online. Your titles, H1 tags and H2 tags must include keywords relevant to the content you’re sharing and to the search queries for which you want to be associated. Use your transcription keywords in your titles and you’re on your way. 

Create Meta Description

Video Content Metadata
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Your meta description is a brief summary of your content – typically 160 characters long – that you include within your html. It helps search engines like Google know the focus of your web page and is displayed underneath the page title in search results. The keywords provided in your transcript are the first place you should look when creating your meta description, as they will help you directly align the meta description to the content in the most specific way.

Tag Content Keywords on Web Pages

Another step in the process of posting new web pages is to identify content keywords for search that associate with your content. This is different from the keywords found in the page copy itself but is specifically tagged within your HTML. You can use your transcript keywords as those you connect directly to your web page.

Define AdWords

Google AdWords, sometimes referred to as Pay-Per-Click, is a Google advertising platform that allows companies to promote their website in search results through the use of specific keywords. Our Enterprise level solutions will define your AdWords for you based on the transcripts we provide, but if you use the Self Serve solution you can still use provided keywords to define your own AdWords. A good rule of thumb is to use no more than 50 keywords in your AdWords group and to make sure you use specific, highly targeted ad copy. 

Write Video or Audio Content Descriptions

Another way to utilize your content keywords is to write highly targeted descriptions of your audio or video content. These can be used, for example, in the description section on YouTube, in a social media post, or as a short post on your website.

Write Targeted Blog Posts

Finally, it’s always important to use your audio and video transcripts effectively on your websites through blog posts. You’ll want to use your transcript in a number of ways – embedding it in your blog post html for SEO, posting it directly in a blog post, or even using it to write a new post on the same topic. And you will always want to make sure to include keywords throughout any web copy to improve search rankings.

how to use content keywords for SEO
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If your Content Keywords Aren’t Aligned with your SEO

Sometimes you’ll discover a different kind of insight within your transcript keywords – letting you know that your content is off-target. If the keywords given with your transcript don’t match up with your pre-defined SEO strategy, then you know your audio or video content is missing the mark. While that may feel like a setback, ultimately it’s to your advantage to know you may need to give your content another go.

Captioning and Transcription Content for Keywords

cielo24 proudly works with companies and organizations across the globe on video data solutions that boost engagement, improve SEO, and increase conversions for digital content. For more information on our video captioning and video intelligence solutions, you can contact us online or call us at 1-855-243-5624.

cielo24’s new Self Serve app is easy to use and extremely cost-effective. Within minutes a video can be uploaded to your account and you will receive a free machine-based, searchable transcript with keywords.



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