001 – Video Learning Fall 2020

Transcript – Episode 001

Nicole Flynn, cielo24’s CMO, hosts a Q&A with Cindy Potteiger, Natalie Endres, and cielo24’s Shanna Johnson and Joe DeRocco on reimagining higher education amidst COVID-19. They discuss building a remote learning program, how to adhere to student’s accessibility needs online, and the possibility of reopening in-person instruction in 2020, among other topics relating to educational technology.

Topics Discussed: 

  • Introducing Shanna Johnson and cielo24 (03:38)
  • Insights from Cindy Potteiger and Cuyahoga Community College (08:31)
  • A student perspective from Natalie Endres (24:12)
  • cielo24’s Closing Remarks by Joe De Rocco (32:28)


Cindy Potteiger, Director of Online Learning and Academic Technology at Cuyahoga Community College, was at the forefront of trying to figure out how best to adapt to the pandemic related circumstance and provide the appropriate accommodations and accessibility for their student body.

Natalie Endres is a senior at the University of California, Santa Barbara offering a student perspective on institutions’ transition to remote learning and best practices for an engaging, high-quality educational experience.

Shanna Johnson, cielo24’s Chief Executive Officer, and Joe DeRocco, Director of Account Management at cielo24, offer their insights from company experience developing products, strategies, and practices that best serve educational institutions. 


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