The Benefits of Investing in Media Data

cielo24 Using Media Data Insights to Boost Business
Full Overview of a Media Data Strategy that can Boost Business

Video media data is the evolution of video metadata – it is a set of information that describes the whole – not just a part. While metadata scratches the surface of video SEO with some general categorization, using video metadata alone is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Media data, on the other hand, provides the entire video intelligence in text form.

Media Data vs. Metadata


Metadata is information about data. It is the direct line of communication between your site and search engines. Without metadata, search engines can’t index information about videos, websites, blogs, or anything else on the Web. Clearly, metadata is essential. And metadata remains a critical aspect of SEO. The title tag, description tag, alt tags, and others are all vital to your SEO.

Media Data

Media data picks up where metadata leaves off. It is not only the raw data where captions come from but all of the context around it as well; including keywords, topics, entities, AdWords and more. Media data is especially vital to anyone who wants their video in front of consumers as media data is integral to SEO. Better communication with search engines means higher rankings and more visitors seeing your content.

Media Data Insights


To start, your captions and transcripts provide a general overview of the overarching themes of your content. While it may seem obvious what the subject of your media is, often these need to be analyzed for discovery – such as in a live Q&A, a webinar, course video, and even marketing collateral. By mining the transcript for subject information, new insights often come to light that helps you evolve your media data strategy most effectively. And who knows maybe your video and audio subject is different than you initially thought.


Once you have your keyword strategy defined, you then create your AdWords strategy and link that back to content on your site. This allows you to better rank and beat out competitors by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your AdWords campaigns.

Speaker Identification

Speaker identification can be incredibly helpful when analyzing video and audio content for quotes, speaker frequency, speaker performance, etc.


Moving even deeper into the analysis, we come to keyword identification. By seeing which words or phrases appear most frequently within a video and audio transcript, you can define or refine your keyword strategy. This can additionally benefit your overall content strategy, as well, by identifying areas of significance to continue to cover. And finally, keyword analysis can even help your whole business or organizational growth by pointing out areas of strength or importance to your target audience.


Within each subject are specific topics that can also be discovered, analyzed, and segmented out. For example, say you do a webinar on marine biology. By diving into the transcript (pun intended), you can find areas of primary focus – such as whales or plankton – and then pull those sections out for content repurposing or continued development.

Key Benefits of Media Data Investments

Context Creation

Media data can give context to videos. This context can be especially useful for advertisers looking to place ads on videos. What’s more, videos within a series or featured on an article can be easily accessed in the future using the context created by media data.

Content Monetization

Significant insights on video performance can be identified and analyzed to better position a creator’s library to monetize their content. For example, media data can provide information that identifies content with excellent performance with audiences. Thus, the creator can capitalize on this content by emphasizing or suggesting it on their landing pages or content channels.

Content Discovery

End users can search for and find relevant video content down to its specific details. Thus, older content can also be easily accessed, extending the longevity of your content. When comprehensive metadata is created and preserved, it counteracts typical data entropy and degradation.

Customer Satisfaction

Media data can give many details about the experience the customer or end-user is having with the content. Thus, content that is not engaging or satisfying customers can be identified and repurposed or replaced to create a better customer experience, positively affecting video SEO.

Historical Record and Longevity

asset. It can provide information regarding the details of the asset such as its music or stock footage sources. This creates a specific record of all of the details associated with the asset, making it more accessible and searchable. Further, maintaining comprehensive metadata can allow you to repurpose the data for other goals or projects in the future.

Investing in comprehensive metadata counteracts any issues or inconsistencies that may occur during documentation, internal processes, or due to human error. Thus, the ROI on comprehensive metadata can be substantial.

Media Data Conclusion

Today, a key method to differentiate your content from competitors is to analyze the media data of your content to better understand its performance as well as the end users’ experiences with it. Thus, this information can be leveraged to create new content or adapt existing ones to perform better in line with the insights gained from previous videos’ media data.

Not only does media data provide benefits for internal analytics and insights, but also business growth, including revenue and sales. Media data provides a plethora of information that will aid your SEO efforts, translating into more people visiting your landing pages, an increase in engagements, and finally an increase in sales.

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