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Case Study: Vidpow Video Marketing Firm Gears Up To Grow New Business!

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By switching to cielo24, Vidpow video marketing firm handled customer demand for video captions without breaking a sweat.

Ever seen that fine print that says “Actual results may vary”?

Well, when it comes to closed caption and transcription, Vidpow found that out the hard way.

The good news. The video marketing firm had seen a spike in demand for their customer video channel optimization services.

The bad news? The transcription service they were using to caption media was holding them back with slow inaccurate captions and subtitles.

Although we were paying for 99%+ accuracy with our old transcription service, it was more like 76%. During a 3 ½ minute video, I was spending about 25 minutes cleaning up the file before publishing to YouTube. I was at my wit’s end (with poor video captioning), and repeated requests for help went unanswered. – Joshua Wethington, Vice President of Video Strategy, Vidpow

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Download the PDF Vidpow Video Caption Case Study!

The Issue: VidPow’s video marketing firm production team, was stuck fixing transcripts riddled with errors from its former service provider. This became unsustainable when their transcription needs snowballed.

The SolutionAfter a successful test drive, Vidpow decided to move all of their transcription needs to cielo24.

The ResultsBy switching to cielo24, Vidpow achieved cleaner transcriptions, saved hours in labor, and cut their costs in half ,– all backed by great customer service.


Read the full case study for details about the Vidpow video caption program success!

Vidpow TubeTalk Case Study

Moving forward, Wethington notes that cielo24’s searchable text features position them for new services, such as a video marketing certification courses that will launch early 2016 with over 2,000 partners.

Vidpow was so pleased with the quality, speed and ease of cielo24’s closed captioning work that it is now having all of its TubeTalk video marketing podcast series transcribed as well. Read More>>

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