Atomic Learning Case Study

Atomic Learning Accessibility Case Study

Atomic Learning accessibility case study is another win for education.

Before using cielo24, the team at Atomic Learning spent countless hours transcribing video for captions. The international educational training company spent so much time on transcription that, at times, quality was suffering.

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The Challenge:

Atomic Learning addresses the common challenges found in education today. The company has created an extensive video library with educational material to inspire young minds to professional development.

In their efforts to meet FCC accessibility requirements, all educational video needs to be captioned. That is a daunting task.

Before working with cielo24, Atomic Learning was captioning using in-house resources. It took hundreds of hours to complete, sapping valuable resources.

The Solution:

The Atomic Learning team decided to give cielo24 video captioning a try.

Atomic Learning Accessibility K-12
K-12 Solutions!

The process is simple: upload a video through an easy-to-use web interface, then wait for a notification. Within a few hours (or less), transcription is complete. Now Atomic Learning is using cielo24 to auto-caption all video.

“We were evaluating different services for speed, accuracy and cost,” says Jeremy Mikel, publishing manager at Atomic Learning. “cielo24 immediately appealed to us because of the ultra-fast turnaround and guaranteed accuracy.” Read the full case study >>

The Results:

The Atomic Learning team has slashed captioning time from 40 hours a week to just 20 minutes! Now they can focus on producing better and more educational training materials.

Higher Ed Solutions!
Higher Ed Solutions!

“The other thing is that having the closed captioning on is a great way to reinforce language development for ESL students. Not the direct reason we do it, but it is a secondary reason.”

For more information on Atomic Learning accessibility, contact the directly. Or begin a complimentary video captioning trial today.   Sign up for our newsletter and stay updated on video captioning and accessibility. Read the full case study >>


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