Online video is a powerful way to train and communicate with your teams, showcase your products, and engage customers like no other medium.

The effective business use cases for video is endless. From business development webinars to earnings call minutes, making your multimedia accessible has become increasingly integral to your business success. cielo24 searchable captions™, media data and intelligence transforms your unstructured media assets into searchable structured media data, making your multimedia assets as searchable as text.

cielo24 can accommodate the growth of massive video libraries at high quality, lowest cost, and available in hours and not days. Find additional information about all of our transcription solutions here.

Benefits of enterprise captioning:

  • Media Intelligence maximizes discovery and monetization.
  • Content search within video or across media libraries.
  • Meet required government mandates for deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Content-based recommendations and insights to achieve relevant engagement.
  • Assist those with reading and literacy challenges.

Feel free to contact us for a demo to see how easy cielo24 searchable captions™ and media data integration really is for enterprise video captioning.